You might already be wondering, "Stanford teaches advertising?" Nope. It doesn't. So I went rogue. 
I spend my time ravenously consuming pop culture and teaching myself art direction and design. Nothing in this portfolio was made in school. I also just finished my Master's in Communication and dual Bachelor's in Art and Psychology from Stanford University. My work is infused with all three, and reflects my beliefs that creative work should:
a) have spunk, 
b) be rooted in a deep understanding of the human experience, 
c) create cultural change. 
My multicultural style drives everything I make. I've lived in Australia, Hong Kong, California, New York, Cape Town, Italy, and England, which has made me hungry to understand where things come from, whether they’re people, ideas, or brands.
I'm currently based in New York and designing for ViacomCBS, focusing on Comedy Central, Paramount Network, and Smithsonian Channel. Get in touch at 
Résumé available upon request.
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