You might already be wondering, "Stanford teaches advertising?" Nope. It doesn't. So I've gone rogue. 
I spend most of my time ravenously consuming pop culture and teaching myself art direction and design.  Nothing in this portfolio was made for school. I spend the rest of my time on my Master's in Communication. I also just finished my Bachelor's degrees in Art and Psychology. My work is infused with all three, and reflects my beliefs that creative work should:
a) have spunk, 
b) be rooted in a deep understanding of the human experience, 
c) create cultural change. 
My multicultural style drives everything I make. I've lived in Australia, Hong Kong, the US, Cape Town, Italy, and England, which has made me hungry to understand where things come from, whether they’re people, insights, ideas, or brands.
I want to work with people who share my passion for figuring out all the different, beautiful ways humans communicate. Get in touch at or 1-415-850-8600.
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