In Chinese culture, there's a prevailing traditional belief that equates youth mental illness with a weak family. People believe mental illness indicates that parents have failed to raise their children well and children have failed to show family loyalty. In short: mental illness = failure.
But the reality is, on average, there is 1 youth suicide and 50 more attempts every 9 days in Hong Kong.
To help traditional Chinese parents feel more comfortable discussing youth mental health, we’re tying it in with family dinner (a.k.a. the oldest, most beloved Chinese tradition). For Mental Health Awareness Month, DoorDash gets the conversation going by providing free dinner to families who book counseling sessions and mental health training with Mind HK, Hong Kong’s largest mental health organization. 
Here’s how it works. 
1. Students complete a free online counseling session with Mind HK, unlocking half of a QR code. 
2. Parents watch an online course on youth mental health and sign a petition for the government to provide more youth mental health resources, unlocking the second half of the QR code
3. Dinner is served, along with guided conversation about mental health.
Food Packaging 
Family dinner is delivered in fill-in-the-blank bags that allow families to share what food they got on social media. Takeout boxes are also augmented with a conversation guide created by Mind HK's mental health professionals.
Emails to students and parents via school email lists, explaining how to get free family dinner.
Your one-stop shop for mental health resources. 
DoorDash App
When a student opens DoorDash, a pop-up advertises the offer. When a QR code is scanned, the app interface switches to an old-fashioned, traditional Chinese menu design.
Direct Mail + Social Media Ads
Google Banner Ad appears when anyone searches key mental health terms, such as 'Why am I depressed?'
Instagram Page
After dinner, families share their experience on Mind HK's Instagram. This is a perfect opportunity for families to see others participating, and will help to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.
Limited-Edition Octopus Cards
Octopus cards are reusable stored-value cards used for all Hong Kong public transit. For Mental Health Awareness Month, the usual '8' is altered into a '9', representing the average 9 days between each youth suicide. Each time a user tops up their card, they're encouraged to donate HKD $5 to Mind HK to ensure a lasting impact.
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