Creative Direction for MINT, Stanford's fashion and culture magazine  
As Creative Director for 3 years, I refocused our content on cultural and political issues, elevating minority voices in particular. I infused our trademark elegant visuals with new funk, grit, and richer conceptual background. I originated all creative concepts, art directed all cover shoots, and oversaw editorial design. In 1 year, I grew our online readership by 30,000+ and MINT was made available at Bloomingdale's. 
Fall 2019 (full issue)
On 'trendlessness', inspired by a scattered New York Fashion Week. We highlighted the importance of individuality and experiences that cannot be categorized. Our cover model, a 285-pound wrestler, showcases his tender, timeless relationship with his emotional support rabbit Nugget and shatters stereotypes of Black men. 
Spring 2019 (full issue)
An issue about all the excesses in life, whether that's minimalism or maximalism. Inspired by a time when pop culture aesthetics seemed to be overtaken by those, and we — the mass audience — were being forced to consume: news, politics, art. Our content went overboard, as did our electrifying cover editorial, lacking in conduct but brimming with gluttony, foolery, and oversaturation.
Winter 2019 (full issue)
An issue exploring the idea of 'warmth', manifesting both literally and as an abstract representation of security and home. Many of us spent this winter both physically and mentally hiding away, within the relentless onslaught of the political climate. Our cocooned cover model reflects all that: the vulnerability in hibernation, the quiet strength in warmth, and the curiosity for re-emergence.
Fall 2018 (full issue)
This issue explored what happens when we reverse political dichotomies, coming off the heels of an especially political time in the fashion industry. We reversed current systems to imagine worlds radically opposite to ours. As per, the cutting presence of our Asian woman cover model overpowers a subdued white male model. 
Winter 2018 (full issue)
An issue asking readers and contributors alike to 'Come As You Are', to a quiet healing space within MINT's pages. We invited introspection, solace-seeking, and a sharing of our true selves, unencumbered by outside expectation. Our cover model unabashedly explored beauty and fashion under this philosophy, and our readers accepted him in response. 
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